Hi and thanks for stopping by!

I'm a native Chicagoan who found North Carolina by way of a career in broadcast news and meteorology. Who wouldn't love this place? Mountains and beaches .. and so many wonderful places in between? It was such a draw for me after growing up in the midwest by Lake Michigan. 

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. One of my first memories was of learning to cross the street on my own so I could play with my first best friend. My childhood home had heavy metal awnings that brought terror every time we had thunderstorms with hail. The front room was for company only - period!

I remember getting my first camera from my mother. It was her little brownie box camera. It didn't have film in it, but I loved the feel of it in my hands and the idea of capturing something that I could revisit anytime I wanted. That camera was ruined when we lost our house to a fire but as the house was rebuilt and resurrected, so was my hobby. I had a myriad of instamatics (and those little square flashes.. how did we get by with only 4 flashes per cube?), disk cameras and an occasional garage sale find (some worked, some didn't). 

When I graduated to a canon AE-1 in college, that was it. I needed to take this beyond hobby to something more. I lived for opportunities to photograph someone or something and then going into the darkroom to see those visions come to life. I remember taking a portrait of my niece with her new cabbage patch doll that I had to fight through people to get for her (if you didn't live through the Cabbage Patch Doll craze, ask someone... it was like someone dropped money in the street!). Years later, my sister told me how much she loved that picture. I don't know if I can convey in words what that meant to me but if you're in your own element and get that kind of feedback, its an amazing thing and feeds that drive to do what you love to do.  

My life has  brought me a lot of wonderful experiences and taught me invaluable lessons about observing life and telling stories. I've learned about being quick and concise when necessary and to recognize opportunities for going deeper into a subject to better tell the story. Sometimes it all about anticipating opportunities for once in a lifetime images that I know my clients will cherish! I hope to be the passion behind the lens when its time for you to tell a part of your life's story. 

By the way, because I do shoot for a number of clients, there are sometimes restrictions regarding what I can display here on my website. Should you want to see more of what I can do for you, lets schedule a private consultation and I will be more than happy to show you my 'by invitation only' collection. 

I am taking bookings for still image photography, as that is what I provide on my own. Should you have needs for video imaging / cinematography and need referrals, I can help you begin the process in your search. 


Talk to you soon!