Hello and Welcome!

As you look through my portfolio, please note that a number of of my clients have requested their images remain private and be excluded from online marketing use.

This means if you would like to see a number of my latest amazing images and how I can document your special day, you will have to schedule a private, in-person viewing of my additional portfolio. 

I highly encourage you to call or text at nine-one-nine, four-five-one, four-zero-four-one.


Thank you for your understanding. 



     My Name is Pati Barrow. I'm a child of the Windy City. I grew up just outside of Chicago as the third of four children in a creative and musical household. Dad was an aspiring band singer who had a voice like Vic Damone and was close to signing a recording contract when he met my mother. Starting a family took precedence so he sang for his family and friends instead.  Mom had an amazing ear for different composers and could identify them by their signature musical phrases.

     I spent most of my childhood singing in music theatre and in ensembles as a second soprano. I also played the violin. I still have Perlman, the Lyon Healy violin my parents purchased from Smeltekop on Roosevelt road when I was in high school. 
My younger brother's talents were honed in music theatre and my sister (also a photo-enthusiast) leaned toward playing the guitar, road trip adventures and listening to Barry Manilow.  My older brother taught me to appreciate the Beatles and Jethro Tull. 

    We all also appreciate laughter, and there is a lot of it - especially when *one of us* tries to pull a fast one during a marathon game of Uno!


    I first fell in love with photography when I was allowed to use mom's instamatics with the small light cubes to take family vacation pictures. However, it was when I got use of an old AE-1 and a darkroom for my college newspaper and yearbook that it became so much more for me.  I learned not only the technical way to take better photos, but to tell stories visually and to produce images that could fondly carry memories forward for generations. 

    I honed my storytelling skills over a 25-year career in radio and television news and evolved into a wedding/event/portrait photographer in 2013. Since then I've had the joy of documenting the happier side of life!  I've photographed / filmed weddings of a number of faiths and cultures (including a good deal of time filming Indian weddings) and I've found many of the same themes tie every celebration together: Love. Family. Tradition & Culture. I enjoy not only capturing the details of the day that you've painstakingly planned, but also of you and your loved ones - the people who are your story and who feed your soul. 


    The person who feeds my soul is my husband, David. I met him while working in television in North Carolina, and what can I say? I do love a good drawl.  He is an amazing true southern gentleman, loves a good joyride along a country road on a lazy sunny afternoon, and is the rock who supports this creative journey of mine. 


My style of photography is candid coverage of people and events blended with photojournalism (capturing unexpected moments) and fine art photography (images that tell a story and generate emotion). My favourite photos of you will always be ones of you laughing and showing you having the time of your life. 
 I consider it a privilege and joy to document You and your Life!


Cheers, Pati


For More Information: call or text nine-one-nine, four-five-one, four-zero-four-one or [email protected]