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Weddings & Events:

**Due to client privacy restrictions, I am unable to show many of my images online. However, private showings of my portfolio are available by appointment. Thank you for your understanding.** 


Why does wedding photography seem to cost more? Why can I not just get a 'one size fits all' price?                              © BarrowImages© BarrowImages


As you search for the perfect photographer who clicks with the two of you and your style, You may notice a higher fee for weddings than for other services. That is because weddings are very photo-intensive, there is more risk involved to the photographer, and the work is not only on the wedding day.

There are options for all couples and celebrations; whether a small intimate gathering for a few hours to a multi-day event with many specific details and a guest list the size of Baltimore. There are also options for your post-event images such as albums, prints, canvas or glass images, etc. These options and choices are as individual as your fingerprints. Just as wedding dresses have different prices per designer, fabric, embellishments and customization; your photographer also needs to consider your specific needs for your day before creating the estimate for your needs and wants.

This is why you will rarely find a 'One size fits all' price for your wedding celebration. Before becoming a wedding photographer, I was skeptical. Why couldn't I just look on a website and get a price for say, 8 hours of wedding day coverage? It was like 'Mission Impossible!'

Here's the Skinny: And it took my becoming a wedding photographer to understand it:

Your Celebration is Unique - Yes. That's it. Seriously. 

What I mean is your vision for your wedding coverage may not require any additional equipment be brought to the site or rented; not require additional photographers or length of coverage time. It may not require an overnight stay or extra mileage outside of my general coverage area. My wedding coverage provides a lot of service for most wedding celebrations, but your needs may differ. 


Just some of the individualized services I provide as your photographer:

I consult with the couple / family before and after the wedding; I list your desired locations, goal images and timelines of your event.   If local, I do a site inspection of your venue and other key locations for lighting and locations for your best images (if not local, I consult with your site managers); I consult with your planner and if applicable your other vendors for any potential issues with layout or lighting; I identify and discuss any known or potential problems prior to your event so that your day is worry-free; and there are many hours after the wedding editing photographs and if applicable, laying out albums so that your memories are cherished for a lifetime. 


Captured for Perfect Day ImagesCaptured for Perfect Day Images Captured for Perfect Day ImagesCaptured for Perfect Day ImagesSecond Shooter for John Carter & Perfect Day Images © BarrowImages© BarrowImages

Wedding coverage includes up to 3 pre-wedding consultations, up to 8 hours* of wedding day coverage, up to 3 post-wedding editing consultations,  retouched images and viewing gallery for up to 12-months, retouched digital images delivered on flash drive..... Starting at $2000.00. 

*(Extended coverage available at additional cost).

**(Wedding Day of 8 hour minimum coverage)

**Wedding photo books / prints and canvases available at additional cost. 

If this is outside of your budget, please contact me. Lets see if I can customize for your event. 






Whats Next? How do We Get Started?


  • Schedule a consultation to see more of my work - lets see if we're a good fit. 

 Reserve your Date ASAP, pay your reservation / 'Hold my date'  fee, and sign your Contract.

(Looking for other options? I can try my best to work with your budget. Call/text for a Consultation.. 919. four five one, four zero four one or [email protected].)


2)  Schedule a Gown/ Jewelry / Details / Bridal / Boudoir Portrait session!

Details session? Here's why: during the wedding day, things get crazy. The Groom may forget the rings and they arrive at the last minute, or there's little to no place in your hotel room to truly showcase your special details. I do capture your details on your wedding day, but you've spent what seems like as lifetime choosing your gown(s) and other details! Have a stylized jewelry / Gown / details portrait shoot with specialized staging and lighting that can be a lasting part of your celebration memories. Additional rates may apply based upon service. 

Or, Schedule a bridal portrait session.. Do a test run of your bridal day look for display on your wedding day and for years to enjoy after the honeymoon. Additional rates for prints may apply based upon service.

Or schedule an engagement / couple session   for your 'save the date' announcements and social media posts.


 Surprise your groom with portraits from a bridal boudoir session.  Additional rates may apply based upon service.


Consider options for prints and/ or albums... Additional rates may apply based upon service. 

Other options to consider:

Capture All the Angles and Moments..ask about a Second / Third Photographer 

Based on Availability and Budget (additional fees apply & vary)...


  • You've Survived the Wedding!     How about  a  'Trash The Dress' or 'Glam the Dress' Session? Make sure you schedule time! Additional rates apply.



Whats Next? How do I get Started?

1) Contact BarrowImages  / Pati Barrow today at [email protected] or (919) Four Five One, Four Zero Four One.

2)  25% 'Reserve our Time' Booking fee required to hold your date (non-refundable). Please note that I do not put you on my schedule / hold your chosen date until we have a signed contract and paid booking fee.
3) Payment in full is required by 24 hours prior to your shoot (except for mini-sessions. Payment due day of shoot).
4) Applicable taxes and shipping not included in posted prices.
5) Location permits / fees not included. Locations requiring permits / fees may affect our options for your shoot, but we can try for other location options.

For More Information: [email protected] or (919) Four Five One, Four Zero Four One. 

Captured for Perfect Day ImagesCaptured for Perfect Day Images

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