You've made a serious investment  to reach this level; in time, sweat equity and greenbacks. You’ve worked your form to the absolute best it can be.

The same should go for your photographer .

I specialize not only in bringing your best form to the image for competition -  I also have experience in photographing training and  portraiture which means I can bring out your best image for portraits you want as you search for your next opportunities; sponsorships, endorsements, public speaking, etc. - The sky is the limit for you - make that first impression count!



BarrowImages can document training, posing sessions, competition day; the work that has brought © BarrowImages© BarrowImages you to your pinnacle of fitness. We can also capture you after competition for images you want for your media and presentation literature. I work with a dedicated team of photographers and videographers who also bring years of experience for you.  Except where noted, their fees are extra, as I choose my team based on location, availability, budget and services requested. Its my passion to show what drives you ! © BarrowImages© BarrowImages

BarrowImages Competition Coverage: All Packages include:

* High resolution full-size and social media sized retouched images

* Delivery of  images by gallery link (downloadable) within 10 days


Level One:  From $150.00  Photography coverage : from every class competion, including  evening routines and award ceremonies.  Backstage shoot with my signature zero black background and studio lights. Capture you with trophies, sponsorship apparel and coach. (Fellow competitors welcome with you provided they purchased images with us as well).

Level Two: From $125.00  Photography Coverage of each class competition, including your evening show routines, awards & ceremonies.

Level Three: From $75.00 A Great option!  The backstage photoshoot with my zero black background and studio lights. We can photograph you in multiple outfits , your coach, significant others and sponsors, and if you took your photo before you won, come back so we can get those trophies!  If you’d like fellow competitors to join you, they need to purchase a shoot as well. 


* 25% 'Reserve our Time' Booking fee required to hold your date (non-refundable). Please note that I do not put you on my schedule / hold your chosen date until we have a signed contract and paid booking fee.
*Payment in full required by 24 hours prior to your shoot (except for mini-sessions & competitions. Payment due day of shoot)
*Applicable taxes and shipping not included in posted prices.
*Location permits / fees not included. Locations requiring permits / fees may affect our options for your shoot, but we can look into other location options.

**With the exception of my work for hire ( etc. companies who hold their own copyright ), My photos have copyright and are registered with the library of congress. Reproduction without expressed permission is prohibited**

For More Information: [email protected]